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Premier Niche Network of Websites, Blogs, and Social media channels dedicated to the African American Travel market.

We have a diverse portfolio of web properties targeting the $40 billion dollar African American Travel market. We Offer Laser Targeted Traffic "People looking for Hotels, Events, Services and Product for given travel dates"People Plan their Trip online and use recommendation from website and social media channels.

What separates the visitor of our sites and other sites, is our visitors and community members are the organizer for their groups. They research and find the best deals, locations, and parties for their Friends and Family. They are the early birds who book a hotels in advance, and purchase party passes in advance. The community is active! This is the crowd you want to reach!! And no other advertising source can give you that.

    Featured Web Properties

  • Black Bike Week
    Annual African American Motorcycle Rally held in Myrtle Beach,SC

  • Black Bike Week Videos
    Official Black Bike Week Video Site

  • Bikers And Huggers
    Official Black Biker Dating Site

  • Biker Week
    Feature All Bike Week and Motorcycle Rallies in the United States

  • Black Beach Week
    Features Multiple African American Events all of the United States

  • Urban Beach Week
    Annual Urban Festival held in Miami Beach, FL

  • Black Cruise Week
    Features Multiple African American Theme Cruises

  • Biker Friendly Hotels
    Features Hotel the cater to motorcyclist during Motorcycle Rallies and Bike Festivals

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